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Golf Course Rules and Regulations

Blue Ridge Country Club has established these Golf Course Rules and Regulations to be followed by both members and guests. Consideration for other golfers and proper course etiquette help insure a pleasant round and experience for everyone.

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The rules of golf, as currently approved by the USGA, shall govern all play except where modified by such local rules as printed on the club’s scorecard or event specific.

Specific Rules:

1. Players are expected to conform with accepted societal and golf course behavioral standards. Players exhibiting abusive behavior or vandalism are subject to immediate suspension of all privileges and will be required to appear at a meeting of the Board of Directors prior to the removal of the suspension. Second offenders are subject to a minimum 90 day suspension. Subsequent offenses are subject to indefinite suspension with reinstatement at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

2. All players are required to register in the pro shop before commencing play.

3. No more than 4 persons in a group are permitted to play without permission from the General Manager. Twosomes and Threesomes may be asked to merge with other golfers when necessary to maintain the pace of play. A single player has no standing at any time, except adults have priority over juniors at all times.

4. All players are expected to maintain the pace of play, and in order to avoid slow play, shall at all times play without undo delay. If a group fails to keep its place on the course and loses one clear hole on the group ahead, it shall allow the group following to play through. Singles may play a maximum of two balls.

5. All matches must start on the first tee, except as authorized by the pro shop.

6. All golf carts will observe cart rules posted on any given day. Everyday cart rules unless otherwise posted are:

a. 90 degree rule into the fairway with the exception of all Par 3’s, which are cart paths only.

b. Carts must remain at least 30 yards away from greens.

c. No driving on or around tee-boxes or any roped off areas. Medically flagged carts may drive within 15 yards of the greens but no closer.

7. Players shall at all times replace divots, repair ball marks and smooth and rake bunkers.

8. Practice is permitted only in designated areas, which are currently defined as the practice green and bunker adjacent to the first tee and the closely mown area to the right of hole #10 fairway. Players using the closely mown area are to direct their shots to the right of the fairway. No other areas should be used for practice.

9. Each player must have their own equipment. No more than one player may play out of each bag.

10. Tournament play shall have precedence over open play.

The Blue Ridge Country Club Board of Directors has authorized the General Manager to enforce these rules and regulations. Violations of these rules and regulations make the member subject to penalties deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors. Non-Members of Blue Ridge Country Club may be asked to vacate the premises for violation of the above stated rules.
Blue Ridge Country Club #4 Green

Blue Ridge Country Club #7 Green